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Tailored Security Solutions with Security Fencing Options

All too often, commercial and industrial sites are left floundering due to security issues. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Incorporating security fencing that is tailored to meet your specific needs is the only way to ensure safety and security for the property, the building, the contents, and the people.

You can’t just use chain link fencing and expect it to do the job. What you need for full security is an advanced and reliable solution that will offer the protection you need. In addition, you need the look and style to work with your location. All of this can be done when you use a quality company that knows how to combine innovation, design, and security in one place.

Common Security Fencing Needs

Before you work with a company to determine the right fencing solution, be sure to think about what your facility needs. Do you just need protection around the perimeter? Do you need gated access? Or do you need anti-climbing features? All of these are important details that should be part of the design.

Consider these elements:

  • Anti-climbing elements – incorporating elements that prevent climbing and unauthorized entry is a must. With anti-climbing additions and technology, you can create a secure fence that is virtually unbreachable.
  • Access authorization – add gates with security access to your fencing system that provide access only when authorized. There are multiple access control features to choose from.
  • Perimeter protection – with fencing solutions, you can protect your entire perimeter from climbing and more. This type of fencing is often integrated with other elements for full protection to meet your needs.

Any fencing design can be customized and even branded. If you want certain colors or you want your logo somewhere on the fencing, this can typically be accommodated.

Security Fencing Solutions

When it comes to security, there are four primary options to choose from to protect your space. These include Grigliato, Twinbar, Amego, and Securite. Each of these solutions has unique elements to keep your space protected.

Securite is a common choice for perimeter needs. It is similar to chain link fencing in overall design, but it is far more durable and impenetrable in comparison. Amego is another common perimeter choice, as the close-knit pieces help to prevent climbing or cutting issues.

You will find that Twinbar is one of the most elegant options that is completely secure. This is a common choice when you have specialized design needs to integrate. It’s sturdy and strong and gives you a little something extra for aesthetic purposes. And finally, Grigliato is perhaps one of the strongest solutions on the market. This very durable material is welded, galvanized, and coated to give you the ultimate security solution.

When it comes to choosing security fencing, what matters most is covering the unique needs of your facility. Work with an experienced company that can help you create and incorporate the perfect solution tailored to meet your needs. Give your space the security it deserves with customized fencing solutions that work.

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