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Rysa Panday (Ananya Pandey Sister) Age, Family, School, Photos & More

Rysa Panday, the adorable daughter of the great Bollywood actor Chunky Panday and sister of the charming Ananya Panday, is a social media sensation nowadays. She has made herself a niche by designing a distinct and genuine spot where she is deified by her fans for her versatile talents and the capacity to relate to the different types of people. The virtual world changes the main character, Rysa, to a degree that you eventually discover you can be a better person by always telling the truth, being imaginative, and most importantly, yourself.

Rysa Panday birthday

Rysa Panday birthday is on 10th March which is a very special day for her. On this day her fans and well-wishers come together to celebrate her achievements and the impact she has been making in their lives. Besides her followers, ones that show up at the event are the ones who would like to acknowledge her for being authentic and relatable on different online platforms. Rysa’s birthday is not just an ordinary day, it is one that also marks the personal achievement of the journey she has taken to where she is, and which in turn has inspired many more people to have the courage to pursue the things that they are most passionate about.

Rysa Panday age

Rysa Panday age is only twenty but has a lot of wisdom within her which she carries more than we expected from her age. Her ability to connect people of all ages and to remind them of their personal self-experience, which she captures so profoundly, is the clear proof of her in-depth knowledge of human life. She explains further that her age is just a number, as it’s her impact and ability that go beyond the boundaries of her country and stir the curious youth from the other countries to explore themselves.

Rysa Panday Height

The Rysa Panday height has become a cause of curiosity for people. However, she has handled it with grace and self-esteem. She is petite at 5 feet 3 inches, but she is as bold and as strong as any, using her body as a tool to explore her creative side. It might go with camera in-front or it could be educating the crowd about what they can do. Rysa’s height, as one of the elements of her individual image, has become a part of her self-expression.

Rysa Panday husband and family

Rysa Panday in her career journey comes across various opportunities and challenges, but she always gets her beloved family’s unyielding support. Many want to know about Rysa Panday husband but she is an unmarried girl from a family background comprising Chunky Panday and Bhavana Pandey as her parents and sister Ananya Panday, Rysa’s parents and sister have been the constant pillars of her strength, loving and caring for her and encouraging her to pursue her passion without the fear of failure. Along with her close family, Rysa has encountered a lot of the uncertainties that the digital landscape poses. However, she has also adapted to and become more resilient with every challenge she faces. Through them, she can form a transcendental friendship. They become her shield, and together, they create an atmosphere of love and acceptance, which in turn, nurtures her uniqueness and freedom.

The YouTube Sensation

Rysa Panday’s journey on the digital platform started with the creation of her YouTube channel where she acted as a mirror of the real Rysa, displaying her frankness in expressing her opinions, experiences and abilities to the world. Her authenticity and true characteristics, which were mirrored in her content, quickly found their way among the entire community, which resulted in a group of people who were attracted to her honest and natural nature. Rysa exhibited her ability to adapt through her videos. She was able to switch from vlog, skits to in-depth discussions of different formats without a problem as she was performing.

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Future Singer and Musical Journey Aspiration

Music for Rysa Panday is an imperative part of life that helps her stay connected with herself and her natural ability to sing symbolizes her inner creativity. Thanks to her calm and harmonious manner of speaking as well as the rhythm she uses while singing, Rysa has succeeded in making her fans captivated by her cover songs and original compositions. She takes the opportunity of music as an expressive medium to translate her desire for the power of music and its universality.

The Foodie’s Delight: Rysa Panday’s Culinary Trips

Other than her artistic accomplishments, Rysa Panday has been highly successful in representing herself as a food criterion and her followers have a chance to read about her culinary experiences and listen to her honest reviews on her blog. Her diverse food knowledge base and ability to appreciate the various tastes and culinary cultures in the world made her a trusted voice in the world of food blogging. Rysa’s gustatory journeys not only do this but also have a multicultural food appreciation as a destination.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The influence Rysa Panday exerts is not limited to her online channels: she has not only turned out to be an icon of strength in the music industry but also a champion in promoting positive change through her songs. Now she is not only a role model for those who seek recognition and make their mark in the fast-developing digital field but also for those who do not have time or patience to wait for their fame to come to them.


Going beyond to be the new platform for self-expression in the digital era, Rysa Panday is no longer only an individual. In contradiction, she is a many-sided character who reveals her taste and stimulates others to be the way she is. The character is strong-willed, imaginative. She accepts the part of YouTube, rises singer, and food critic to experience the real world. All of them are the most important features of her performance. And as the time goes by and she continues to dominate the industry with her captivating tracks and the character that relates to the audience, Rysa Panday is without a doubt making a legacy that will change many people’s lives. Her versatility in integrating different talents and being true to herself as well as her followers has made her a trendsetter, with the other people looking up to her and working hard to discover their true multidimensional selves and pursue their dreams.


Name Rysa Panday (रायसा पांडे)
Alternate Name Rysa Pandey
Nickname Rychuuuu
Profession Student, Writer, Director
Famous for Chunky Panday’s daughter
Ananya Panday’s sister
Date of Birth March 10, 2004
Age (In 2022) 18 Years
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Caste Brahmin
Mother Tongue Punjabi
Zodiac Pisces



Physical Stats

Height in centimeters- 154 cm
in meters- 1.54 m
in Feet Inches- 5ft 1in
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Family and Marriage Details

Marital Status Unmarried


Father Chunky Panday
chunky pandey with daughter rysa pandey
Mother Bhavana Pandey
bhavana pandey with rysa pandey
Sister(s) Ananya Panday
ananya panday and rysa panday
Cousin(s) Alanna Panday
Ahaan Panday
ananya pandey with sister rysa pandey and cousins ahaan pandey and alanna pandey
Seema Sohail Khan
Bunty Sajdeh
Other Relative(s)
Uncle(s) Chikki Panday
Arun Sajdeh
Aunt(s) Deanne Pandey
Kiran Sajdeh
Grand Father (Paternal) Dr. Sharad Panday
Grand Mother (Paternal) Dr. Snehalata Panday
Grand Father (Maternal) Kewal Khosla
Grand Mother (Maternal) Chitra Khosla

Education Details

School Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS) Mumbai, Maharashtra
College Not yet attended
Educational Qualification Studying in school
Short Movie(s) (As Director) Daud (2020)
Web Series Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives (2020)
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