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Procrastination: How Students Can Avoid It

Students in college are likely to procrastinate more as compared to students in schools. The reason could be that there are a lot of things on their plate or that they are surrounded by different pleasures. Intimate relationships, parental pressure, and teacher pressure can also be a few reasons. Do you often delay your school and college work until the last moment? Have you found yourself struggling one day before the deadline to complete your assignments or prepare a day before examinations? Do you frequently think of getting assignment help online? If you answer yes, this means that you have been suffering from one of the common problems called ‘procrastination’ which is found in every five students. Procrastination is not a disease, as many people think, but it can cause you to think. Students who repeatedly procrastinate can lag in their academic grades and go through a lot of mental stress, which may affect their health.

Procrastination has like a pleasure for some time. It will not change the fact that you will need to still complete your assignments before the deadline.So rather than doing your “work at the last minute,” start doing it early to save your grades and avoid causing unhealthy stress for your mind, body, and emotions.

Change your viewpoint to get outcomes: In the early stages of procrastination, you might feel hopeless, tired, lack motivation, or not know what to do or how to proceed with your assignments and other preparations. But do you know that you can break this myth that you cannot complete your assignment on time? With self-talk and changing your perspective, you can see major results. For example, rather than focusing on what you are not good at or what courses you do not know, you should focus on the courses you are well versed in and the subjects you are good at. You may think about what will happen with this and find it silly. But trust this process, as it will help you know your strengths and work on your weaknesses, which will further reflect in your good grades.

Plan some incentives for you:Incentives are things that are provided to encourage you to do something. However, it is said that incentives are not provided for students working on their assignments and homework, as it is not their job but a duty that needs to be fulfilled at any cost. So you can plan some incentives for yourself to do your work. Building incentives will increase your productivity and motivate you to do more than your regular routine. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so plan accordingly. First, make a list of your favorite things, and then start rewarding yourself after completing specific tasks.

You may seek professional help: If your procrastination is leading to anxiety and stress, then it is time for you to seek online class help. A lot of students have gotten assistance by asking, Can I hire someone to do my online class? With this request, they not only received timely help for their online classes and assignments but also reduced their academic pressure.

Know your pattern of procrastination: Do you know that there are different types of procrastination? Know the reason why you have been procrastinating and delaying your coursework until the last minute. If you are voluntarily delaying your assignments, then it is a case of avoidance. If you are slowing down your preparation because you don’t want to produce your work in a hurry, then it is a case of perfectionism (a state where students will eithercorrectly do their assignment or avoid doing it). Whatever the type of procrastination you have, you should be prepared to decrease your delay tactics.

Divide and rule: The never-ending coursework in schools and universities often lands students in a situation where they keep procrastinating. Is this the reason for your regular procrastination at work? The best way to work on all of your assignments and class modules is with proper planning. Know what you are best at, and complete it first followed by other things. Divide all of your coursework into small, manageable tasks and finish them all one by one. This way, you can do your work without any pressure.

Remain responsible for yourself: If you start holding yourself accountable for the things you do, you will automatically stop procrastinating. It might be easy to keep postponing your assignments and other school activities, but have you ever wondered who will pay for them? It’s none other than you. If you fail to submit your assignments, you will score fewer marks, you will stay behind in your professional career, and whatnot. This is why it is recommended to not procrastinate and start being responsible.

Change your mindset: Procrastination starts when you think that you are not capable of doing anything. A lot of students go through these in their study lives, and out of fear, they never work on their assignments. But you should not do it. Accept yourself the way you are and appreciate yourself for all the things you do. No matter if you fail, it is good as long as you try. Acknowledgment will ensure that you are doing well and that you will have timely success in your learning.

Go to a therapist: We won’t suggest this often to any of the school- and college-going students. But yes, if you think that despite following the above tips, you are not getting results and your procrastinating habit is continuing, you should go to a therapist. You may find a lot of therapists according to your needs, and having regular sessions with them might prove helpful. But again, this should be the last. Ensure you work on the other steps before moving on to this one.

It is a myth that once you get into the habit of procrastination, you can never overcome it. With the right knowledge, proper planning, and regular practice, you can stop this habit and become a better version of yourself.

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