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Counter Display Boxes: The “Little” Sales Giants

Have you ever been bored waiting in line to pay and then seeing a tantalizing display of colorful candy by the register? You weren’t going to buy that thing, and you don’t even have a particular sweet tooth. Yet now you can’t leave without it! Suddenly, you find yourself tossing a bag into your cart. This is a prime example of impulse buying, but that’s also the power of those little display boxes. These boxes might look simple, but they make you spend more, which stores love. 

Studies show that just seeing tempting products, especially in those clever displays, can make us want them, even if we don’t really need them. Stores expertly exploit this “see it, want it” effect to drive sales of items we never intended to buy. Need a snapshot of the process?

  • The Boredom Buster: As soon as wandering the aisles gets dull, a bright and fun display box breaks it up, making you think, “Hey, maybe I do need that.”
  • Easy = Sold: If you can reach it, you might just grab it. (stores know this!)
  • They Trick Your Brain: Bold colors and cool pictures – make the product look extra tempting, even if you don’t need it.

What Exactly Are Counter Display Boxes?

Think of counter display boxes as little product ninjas! They’re small but mighty, and stores put them in places where lots of people will see them – by the cash register, on shelves, entryways, you name it. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, ready to show off anything from a handful of candy to fancy makeup or the latest gadgets.

Different Types for Different Needs

Different products and retail scenarios call for different types of counter display boxes. A few to mention are:

  • Lid and Tray: A traditional style that provides easy access to the product.
  • Tiered Displays: Ideal for presenting multiple items or tempting ‘add-ons.’
  • Easel Style: A space-saving layout that works brilliantly for single product promotions or informational cards.
  • Rotating/Spinning: These dynamic displays grab attention from multiple angles, offering versatility.

Custom Display Boxes: A Sale Booster

Counter display boxes can subtly combat decision fatigue, the mental exhaustion that occurs after multiple choices. By strategically placing eye-catching displays near the checkout, stores facilitate easy and quick purchases when our willpower is low. 

Another research on consumer attention demonstrates that product placement and visibility significantly influence purchasing decisions. Additionally, frequent exposure to a product, even in a small display, has been shown to increase brand recall and influence consumer preference. 

Where to Put Your Box for Maximum Sales

The best box in the world won’t sell your valuable items if no one sees it! Brands and stores must place their boxes sensibly with the customer’s mind in perspective.

The Checkout Trap: 

Everyone waits in line here. They’re bored; they’re looking around – a perfect time to tempt them with your stuff.

The Power of Pairs: 

Got batteries? Put your box by the toys that need them. Customers grab one thing, see yours, and boom – double sale!

Impulse City: 

Do you know those end caps by the milk or the checkout candy? Those are impulse buy zones. Get your box there, and watch the money roll in.

Follow & Bring Design Versatility!

Want your product to shine? Counter display boxes let you get creative. After all, a bad box won’t sell a thing. You must make them simple and classy or bold and impossible to miss. Also, make sure they match your product perfectly. Here’s how to make yours irresistible:

  • Small but Mighty: Stores don’t have much space, so your box needs to pack a punch in a tiny package.
  • Shout it Out Loud: Sharp colors coupled with creative and playful typography in a larger font draw the viewer’s eye to your message.
  • Know Your Buyer: Kids want silly, adults want simple. You must batch the box to who’s gonna buy the stuff.
  • What’s So Special?: Why do they need your product? Tell them fast! We can’t emphasize enough the significance of highlighting the value proposition of your product to potential customers in a precise yet engaging manner. 
  • Don’t Cram it Full: We advise against overcrowding or overloading box fronts with excessive elements. It is better to let your product be the star.

Bottom Line

Investing in well-designed, custom counter display boxes is a wise decision for any retail business. Those little boxes are serious sales boosters. They make people buy stuff on the spot, help them remember your brand, and get new products noticed. Design them right, put them in the perfect spot, and watch your profits grow. If you want something special, get a custom box made, and it’ll blow your sales goals away.

Need a Little Help?

Not sure about the best spot? The pros at Half Price Packaging can help. We know stores, we know shoppers – we’ll make sure your product gets seen. Also, we can be your perfect customization partner because we will build a box in any shape you dream of to match your product with your name and logo at the front or center. No one will forget you!

Reach out to the experts at  Half Price Packaging to explore the possibilities and get a free quote!


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