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Aut Trello Wiki & Link Guide – How to use Link

A Universal Time (AUT) is a popular online multiplayer game that draws inspiration from Hirohiko Araki’s “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” book series. Created by a group known as “The Universe Project,” AUT takes place in an expansive and ever-changing virtual realm, allowing participants to embark on explorations, engage in combat, and interact with fellow players.

In aut trello, players control characters equipped with stands, which are powerful manifestations of their spirits. These stands grant the characters unique abilities and combat moves. Players can engage in intense battles against both AI-controlled enemies and other players, utilizing their stands and strategic thinking to emerge victorious.

The Abilities and Move Sets of Different Characters in “A Universal Time” (AUT)

There are many different characters in “A Universal Time” (AUT), and each of them has special skills and movements that can significantly affect gameplay. Here are some examples of character abilities and move sets and how they can be utilized in the game:

  • Stand Abilities: Characters in AUT Trello 2023 possess stands, which grant them various abilities and powers. Each stand has its own set of moves and special abilities. For example, Star Platinum can unleash powerful punches and stop time for a short duration, while The World can also stop time but has different attack patterns.
  • Stand Combos: Mastering stand combos is crucial for maximizing damage output in battles. Players can chain different stand moves together to create devastating combos. Understanding the timing and sequence of moves is key to executing effective combos and overpowering opponents.
  • Stand Special Abilities: Some stands in AUT have unique special abilities that go beyond their regular moves. These abilities can range from healing and support to area-of-effect attacks or defensive maneuvers. For instance, Crazy Diamond can heal both itself and its allies, providing vital support in team-based gameplay.
  • Stand Upgrades: Characters can level up their stands through experience points earned in battles. As stands level up, they gain access to new moves and abilities, making them more powerful. Understanding the upgrade paths of different stands and planning stand progression can enhance a player’s overall strategy.
  • Stand Synergies: In team-based gameplay, understanding stands synergies is crucial for coordinated attacks. Certain stands have synergistic abilities that complement each other, allowing players to create powerful combinations. For example, using Golden Experience Requiem’s reset ability in conjunction with King Crimson’s time erase can lead to devastating results.

Effective Player-versus-Player (PvP) Combat Strategies

Here are some strategies and tactics to consider for player-versus-player (PvP) combat in “A Universal Time”:

  • Stand Synergies: Understanding stand synergies is crucial for coordinated attacks. Certain stands have abilities that complement each other, creating powerful combinations. Experiment with different stand pairings to find synergistic abilities that work well together.
  • Learn Your Stand’s Moveset: Familiarize yourself with your stand’s move set and understand the range, speed, and damage of each attack. This knowledge will help you utilize your stand’s strengths effectively during battles.
  • Capitalize on Stand Abilities: Each stand possesses unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Learn to make the most of your stand’s abilities, such as healing, time manipulation, or area-of-effect attacks, to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Countering Opponent Stands: Study the abilities and move sets of popular opponent stands to identify their weaknesses. Look for opportunities to counter their attacks or exploit their vulnerabilities. Some stands may be weaker against specific types of attacks or have limitations that can be exploited.
  • Observation and Adaptation: Pay close attention to your opponent’s playstyle, movement patterns, and attack preferences. Adapt your strategy accordingly by exploiting their weaknesses and adjusting your own tactics to keep them off-guard.
  • Timing and Baiting: Master the art of timing your attacks and baiting your opponent into vulnerable positions. Learn to anticipate their movements and bait them into making mistakes, allowing you to land devastating attacks or set up powerful combos.
  • Movement and Positioning: Strategic movement and positioning can play a crucial role in PvP battles. Utilize the environment to your advantage, such as utilizing cover or creating distance when needed. Be mindful of your stand’s range and mobility, and use it to control the flow of the battle.
  • Practice and Experimentation: PvP combat in “A Universal Time” requires practice and experimentation. Engage in battles with other players, join PvP-oriented communities or servers, and learn from experienced players. Experiment with different strategies and adapt them to your play style.

Remember that PvP strategies and tactics can vary based on stand matchups, player skill levels, and game updates. Stay updated with the latest patches, balance changes, and community discussions to ensure you have the most effective strategies at your disposal.

  • Stand Abilities: Characters in “A Universal Time” possess stands, which grant them a range of abilities and powers. Stand abilities vary greatly and can include offensive moves, defensive maneuvers, support skills, or utility powers.
  • Diverse Movesets: Characters exhibit distinct move sets based on their stands. These moves consist of a variety of attacks, special moves, and defensive techniques that can be employed strategically during battles.
  • Combos and Synergies: Mastering stand combos is crucial for maximizing damage output and overpowering opponents. Players can chain together different moves to create devastating combos. Additionally, certain stands have synergistic abilities that complement each other, allowing players to create powerful combinations for coordinated attacks.
  • Special Abilities: Some stands possess unique special abilities that go beyond regular moves. These abilities can include healing powers, area-of-effect attacks, time manipulation, or defensive maneuvers. Utilizing these special abilities strategically can turn the tide of battles.
  • Stand Upgrades: Characters can level up their stands by earning experience points through battles. As stands level up, they unlock new moves and abilities, enhancing their overall power and versatility. Planning stand progression and understanding the upgrade paths of different stands are essential for maximizing their potential.


In conclusion, “A Universal Time” offers players an exciting multiplayer gaming experience inspired by “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” The game revolves around characters equipped with stands, each with unique abilities and move sets. Understanding the intricacies of stand abilities, mastering combos and synergies, and utilizing special abilities strategically can greatly enhance a player’s performance in battles.

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